Good Tea,

Doing Good

 Our commitment to becoming a Business for Good:

We are passionate about doing the right thing and making the right choices


We thoughtfully package our teas using sustainable and plastic-free or recyclable packaging wherever possible. We only use plant-based compostable tea pyramids made from corn starch which are entirely plastic-free (so no nasty micro-plastics in your tea!)

Ethics and Sourcing.

We take great care to ensure that the ingredients for our blends are sourced only from trusted, reputable suppliers, with robust social and environmental responsibility programs. All ingredients can be traced back to source, are fairly traded and ethically sourced from growers who look after the welfare of their employees and community. We particularly look for suppliers with tree-planting and forest stewardship programs, and note that our Indian Assam tea is shade-grown under trees.


Respecting the environment and supporting our planet is an integral part of our thinking at Stir Teas. We choose to share our profits with tree-planting and forest conservation projects around the world through (hyperlink) to mitigate our impacts. And by avoiding or reducing our use of plastics we are recognising how they pollute our soils and seas.

Reforest Coffee.

We sell our delicious coffee blend to support our planet: with all profits supporting reforestation through (hyperlink). Our blend is fairly traded and all-natural for a deliciously smooth all-day coffee. Both whole beans and ground available in 227 g or 1 kg sized packs. Trade quantities only. Please contact us for more information. Contact Us [action button]